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A travel app that lets you explore amazing destinations, treasure your own experiences, and share them safely with friends and family.

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App Features

Treasure Your Travels and Explore New Adventures

tripFiles™ lets you relive your journeys and exchange ideas for future ones with family and friends.

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Keep your memories close

Chronicle your trips with photos, videos, reviews and more — then share them with friends and family.

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Remember Special Places

Check in to memorable locations so you can keep track of everything you enjoyed.

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Take or Upload Photos

Collect your photos by trip and make organization easy!

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View Trips On a Map

See all your travel locations on a map and access them by destination.

Share what you want with who you want

Choose to let everyone see your photos and videos in real time or post them all at once when you're back home.

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Share with Individuals

Allow only specific people to see certain activities.

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Create Connection Groups

Easily share your experiences with family, friends or business associates.

Share your thoughts

Let friends and family know what you liked – and didn’t like – in your travels.

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Write Reviews

Tell your friends what you think: the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Rate Location

Give your friends quick insight into locations with star ratings.

Discover New Destinations

Explore interesting places and find fun things to do.

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Check Out Popular Places

Get inspired by where your tripFiles connections are going.

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Find Locations Near You

Use the app while you're traveling to see what's around you.

Plan Your Next Vacation

Capture unique travel ideas and have them at your fingertips when you're ready to go.

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Customize Your Lists

Organize your items however you like — by location, person, activity, whatever works for you!

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Save Things That Interest You

Keep track of your favorite trips, places, photos and more.

See What Your Friends Are Doing

Share in your friends' experiences and contribute your own.

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Don't Miss a Thing

Be alerted when your friends are up to something fun.

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Be in the Know

Experience your friends' trips in real time by seeing their latest photos, videos and reviews.

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